• Pro Men is open to all ages of competitors •

• All competitors must have a valid competition insurance policy – Full Terms & Conditions below… •

• We will update the entry list at the beginning of each month starting on 1st May 2019 •

Entry Fees:
Early Bird Entry (until midnight 28th February 2019) £110
Standard Entry (from 1st March – midnight 31st May 2019) £155
Late Entry (1st June – midnight 15th July 2019) £200*
* You will not receive a personalised competitor shirt/pack.

Competitors can only enter one category •

Pro Men’s Prize Fund

1st $10,000
2nd $6,000
3rd $4,000
4th $2,000
=5th $1,500
=5th $1,500
=5th $1,500
=5th $1,500

Total Prize Fund $28,000


Victor Salmon Belgium
Dominik Hernler Austria
Daniel Grant Thailand
Busty Dunn Australia
Aaron Gunn Australia
Conrad McIntosh USA
Joe Battleday Great Britain
Loic Deschaux France

These competitors will receive $100 expenses and Free Riding from Thursday 11th – Wednesday 17th July at Liquid Leisure.


John Dreiling USA
Liam Peacock Great Britain
Matty Muncey Great Britain
Nicholas Leduc Canada
Nick Schafers Germany
Nico Von Lerchenfeld Germany
Pedro Caldas Brazil
William Klang Sweden
Ariano Blanik Germany
James Windsor Australia
Jamie Neville Australia
Jan Gnerlich Germany
Josh Harris USA
Kieran Owens Great Britain
Mikayo Mundy Australia
Dominik Guehrs Germany
Felix Georgii Germany
Raph Derome Canada
Yonel Cohen USA

These competitors will receive Free Riding from Thursday 11th – Wednesday 17th July at Liquid Leisure.


Jack Constable Great Britain
Brady Patry USA
Alfie Constable Great Britain
Bryan Artus France
Stefan Hahn Switzerland
Joe Newton Great Britain
Maximilien Daelemans Belgium
Enzo Asseraf France
Brandon Harris USA
Adyen De Souza Netherlands
Nikita Terskov Russia
Nikolai Volokhov Russia
Davis Ceze Latvia
Patrik Hanes Czech Republic
Devriese Rolf Belgium
Nico Gogol Germany
Riley Middleton Australia
Kai Feodorov Australia
Tom Vanhauer Germany
Ryan Peacock Great Britain
James Masterson Great Britain
Philipp Turba Austria
Soma Gal Hungary
Chris Parakenings Germany
Max Milde Germany
Sven Schueber Germany
Jonathan Silvershatz Israel
Blake Bishop USA
Quique Cornejo Spain
Philipp Koch Germany
Erkka Lehtonen Finland
Mikey Bland Great Britain
Jasper van Suchtelen van de Haare Netherlands
Clement Nadal France
Justin Outre France
Theo Balsa France
Leon Illenseer Germany
Bene Tremmel Germany
Robin Leonard Jensen Denmark
Mik Nieuwenhoff Netherlands
Miguel Menendez Vellanoweth Mexico