Plastic Playground Events

Plastic Playground is the most prestigious features only cable wakeboarding contest in the world, highly spoken of by competitors and fans alike. From the inception of the Plastic Playground contest in 2014, as a single stop contest at Liquid Leisure near London, in 2018 it was hosted at wake parks in Thailand and Bali as part of a three stop world series. The Plastic Playground competitions are the only wakeboarding events to attract the very best wakeboarders from around world to every contest. News stories, photos and videos from Plastic Playground events are shared globally to an audience of over 7.6 million people.

The Audience

One of the clearest advantages of sponsoring a Plastic Playground event is the ability for your company to reach a broad global audience – something that is becoming more difficult in an increasingly fragmented media landscape. Wakeboarding, and in particular cable wakeboarding, has always appealed to a wide range of demographics. The social nature of the sport creates an interesting mix of aspiring like-minded people. This audience will be reflected in the travelling and online spectators, who are typically a mix of different age groups and professions.

Facebook data shows 7.6m people are interested in wakeboarding globally – as of 15/09/2019

The Competitors

Since 2014, Plastic Playground has always attracted the biggest names in cable wakeboarding to compete to win their share of the largest cash prize fund in the sport. Above are just 36 of the competitors that have ridden and continue to compete in Plastic Playground World Series competitions. On average, 100 competitors attend Plastic Playground events, with a combined global social media reach of over 1,000,000 followers.

Data taken from Facebook & Instagram on 15/09/2019

Social Media Content

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High quality social media content has been key to building the reputation of the Plastic Playground, to being renowned as the best championships in cable wakeboarding. The content is produced by our highly skilled team of videographers, drone pilots and editors. Content includes:

  • Event Preview Videos
  • Highlight Shows
  • Event Recap Videos
  • Additional bespoke content can also be created

On-Site Event Opportunities

There are opportunities both small and large at Plastic Playground events for brands to display and interact directly with both the audience and competitors. From running a trade stand to promote your brand or gain direct sales, to displaying branding in prominent locations, so it is captured in photos/videos and shared across social media platforms. These are just some of the off the shelf opportunities available when partnering with the Plastic Playground World Series.

For those brands who look to increase their activities beyond the above, the Plastic Playground team will work with them to create a bespoke package. Previously, these have included product giveaways, branded areas and other interactive experiences for the audience and competitors at the events.

Partnership Opportunities

Title Sponsor

This is reserved for a partner that is looking for the ultimate in brand activation. The position as Title Sponsor is an exclusive opportunity, where the partner would not be sharing this prime brand positioning. This package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Prominent logo and link to your website on all relevant webpages
  • Large logo on transition videos during finals highlight shows
  • Commentary references during the highlight shows and onsite at the event
  • Logo on all social media videos
  • Prominent references on social media posts (positioned above Associated Sponsors)
  • Ability to display banners, feather flags and table parasols at the event
  • 12m x 4m space only trade stand position
Associated Sponsor

These positions are available to partners who want to build their brand recognition at a lower cost than Title Sponsors, or if that exclusive position has already been taken. Associated Sponsors will have their brand on show before, during and after the event. This package includes:

  • Logo and link to your website on the relevant webpages
  • Small logo on transition videos during the finals highlight shows
  • References on social media posts (positioned lower than the Title Sponsor)
  • Ability to display limited number of banners and feather flags at the event
  • 8m x 4m space only trade stand position
Discuss Opportunities

If you have any further questions about any of the packages or have any other ideas about teaming up with Plastic Playground, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to show you around the Liquid Leisure facilities near Windsor, so you can see the potential for your brand at the home of Plastic Playground.

To discuss these opportunities further, please contact:

Founder & President | Stuart Marston | e: stuart@liquidleisure.com

Commercial Manager | Gary Sawyer | e: gary.sawyer@liquidleisure.com